Mutant alert!

Here’s the email I just sent:

New Instructions.
Mutant alert! Pizza Hut again. Poor guys. The Mutants are running around in their parking lots, trying to mutate people. All Normals and IPAII hurry over there and take care of this.
While you’re at it, go in and have a pizza when you want to take a break. Just don’t scare the non members. They’ll probably be looking at you suspiciously. Just let them know it’s a game you’re all playing. Maybe they’ll calm down then. At any rate, have some fun with each other. for our blog.

If you do scare the non members, apologize most heartfeltly. (not a word there, but I’m using it anyway) They’ll probably forgive you. And maybe have some fun watching all of you acting like. . . well you know.    🙂    Have fun anyway.

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