Mutant alert!

Here’s the email I just sent:

New Instructions.
Mutant alert! It may be cold, but the Mutants still want to keep the parks in mind for their next victims. All Normals and IPAII, please get over to your city’s parks and get them in hand.
If it’s not too cold out, go over to your parks and see what fun there is left to do there. Just be careful. There are still wild animals out, and the bad humans, so watch out. for our blog.

There are some places in our world that are still warm out, so go have fun in your parks. For those who live in climates that are ‘friggin’ cold out now, try to have fun in your parks, but if you can’t, find a member who won’t mind all of you tearing up their house.  Just kidding.   🙂    Wrap up well and go have some outdoor fun in your parks. All the running around you’re going to be doing will certainly keep you warm. But indoors or out, I will leave that up to you.  Just keep yourselves safe.

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