Mutant alert!

Here’s the email I just sent:

New Instructions.
Mutant alert! If there’s snow in your area, then the Mutants plan to invade the malls again. But if there isn’t snow, then your neighborhoods had better look out because the Mutants are planning to invade them, running amok up and down the sidewalks, chasing the inhabitants. All Normals and IPAII, please see if you can stop them this time.
Take a look outside to see what the weather is doing. If you see the white stuff, then head for your malls for your play. Just be careful of the shoppers. If there isn’t any white stuff, then go have fun, running up and down the neighborhood sidewalks. Just see that you don’t fall down and go ‘boom!’ 🙂 for our blog.

Nuthin’ more needs to be said.    🙂


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