Mutant alert!

Here’s the email I just sent

New Instructions.
Mutant alert! The Mutants are gathering at one Mutant’s house to plan their strategy. Normals and IPAII, this may be your chance to save all of them, if you can get inside. Find out which Mutant is holding this party and get in. Do your best.
The Mutants need to choose which Mutant will hold this party and meet at his or her house. The Normals and IPAII will come and try to get in. Mutants will let the Normals in, but try to keep the IPAII out unless some of the Mutants think they can change the IPAII. Some will think they can, and so will let them in. If the Normals and IPAII take too long to find the house where the party is, the Mutants will call them and lure them in. Then the game begins. Have fun, but don’t break anything. for our blog.

Not much more needs to be said about this. Just have fun but be careful.    🙂

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